WIN Program

WIN Team

The Wealth Management Instruction and Networking (WIN) Program provides ongoing education, networking and support for all 1st Global affiliates. WIN Teams located across the country meet monthly in central locations to provide the strategic information that your firm needs to succeed.

Through the WIN Program your firm partners can expand their knowledge of Method 10™ client solutions, keep abreast of wealth management industry trends, share business-building ideas, network and build alliances with investment and insurance professionals. The goal of the WIN Program is to help your firm become a market dominator.

WIN Teams

WIN Teams provide a forum for like-minded professionals to network and share business-building ideas. This culture of sharing and mutual aid benefits everyone involved. WIN Teams and their members succeed when they adopt clearly articulated, unambiguous ideals:

  • A commitment to excellence
  • A commitment to a plan of action
  • A commitment to review this plan of action and remain accountable to fellow WIN Team members, WIN Leaders and 1st Global

Skills- and knowledge-based education are essential to the WIN Program. Another essential component of the WIN Program is the clear formulation of goals. Nothing focuses performance like:

  • Clearly defined goals
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Clearly defined action plans
  • Accountability and visibility of the actions and behaviors designed to accomplish these goals

WIN Program Benefit:

The WIN Program provides the tools for 1st Global firms to achieve and maintain status as an Eagle firm.

By building a profitable Eagle level firm, partners will derive many additional distinguishing benefits including:

  • Strategic options for exiting the business
  • Direct control over work/life balance
  • More fulfilling client relationships

The mission of the WIN program is to make every 1st Global advisor an Eagle Advisor!

Fly Like an Eagle

What does it mean to be an Eagle at 1st Global?

At 1st Global, the top-tier performers are rewarded for their hard work. Not only do they achieve higher earnings, but they also earn special benefits available only to enterprise-level firms.

Eagles are leaders who share their ideas, talent and experiences with other firms. Many of Eagles serve on advisory boards, present at conferences, regional meetings and workshops, and share their experiences through Global Horizons and other media.

When your firm is affiliated with 1st Global, members will be able to contact a Premium Services Representative or Financial Consulting Director to find out how your firm can reach Eagle status. They can also help your firm:

  • Establish a business plan
  • Market to high end clientele
  • Conduct more effective client meetings
  • Improve client relationships
  • Gather powerful sales ideas
  • Find the right solutions for each client

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