At 1st Global, our approach to wealth management is holistic. We believe the CPA firms that affiliate with us should be equipped to offer comprehensive wealth management services. This requires seeing the big picture. The more your firm understands how all the pieces of a client’s financial puzzle fit together, the more can be done for that client. We call this approach Method 10®.

Method 10® describes the 10 key areas of wealth management that form comprehensive financial services. As your firm's clients reveal their concerns, goals and dreams, Method 10® gives your clients a process to organize and address these areas. It is a tool for prioritizing goals, services and solutions.

As an independent wealth management firm, your clients have the freedom to choose the right solutions without pressure to implement proprietary solutions.

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CPAs and Wealth Management

The Critical Path to the Optimal Financial Services Firm

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If your firm is committed to being a high performance market dominator, we want to learn more about you and determine if there is a fit with our services. As a leading CPA firm growth consultant, we enable qualified firms to create long-term, profitable growth.